Shelby & Her Mom Today


Kim (Left), Kelley (Middle), and Shelby (Right)

Our Name

The name ‘The Kimberly Place’ came as easily to Our founder, Shelby, as this entire company did. The name just came to her. Shelby has prayed for this business every step of the way, and she believes God gave her this name for a reason!

The ‘Kimberly’ in our name is Kim. Kim was a beloved mother, sister, daughter, friend… and to Shelby, THE greatest aunt in the world. Kim was silly, spontaneous and definitely the cool-aunt. Shelby remembers hanging out with her mom, Kelley, and Kim for the better part of her childhood. They have so many fun memories together! Kim struggled with mental illness herself, and helped friends get through their own struggles with anxiety attacks and depression. Shelby’s mother (who has had a long struggle with depression and anxiety) and Kim leaned on each other for support in there mental health as well.

Kim lost her life to Leukemia in 2007. Shelby always knew she wanted to honor her name in some way, and there didn’t seem to be a more perfect way than this.The Kimberly Place is for her.