Kelley's Story

My name is Kelley and I’m 47 years old. Anxiety and depression have been apart of my story for most of my life. When I was growing up, an unsettling, unsafe feeling would wash over me with no warning and with no triggers.  It would leave as fast as it had arrived. I never talked about or really thought anything of it.

When I became a mother for the second time, postpartum depression challenged my well-being. This is where I began a light dose of medication. It helped for awhile but it was not until I started eating better and taking care of myself that I noticed a big difference. I stopped medication. I was doing wonderful for three years until my life was riddled by tragedy and unbelievable stress.

I found myself having a nervous breakdown and then suffering several panic attacks regularly. What a scary time. I never thought I’d be the same. This was my life. I decided to go back on medication but I’m doing other things with it to enhance my mental wellness. Along the way, I faced people who did not know how to support me, people who didn’t believe me and people who were amazingly supportive. I have put my hope in Christ that has healed and continues to heal me during this misunderstood illness.

Today, I’m just trying to live between the Edens with my focus forward.