A Resource For loved ones

Our founder’s mother, Kelley, is one of the BIG reasons that The Kimberly Place exists. She has been a constant light and mentor to Shelby in all her mental health struggles. We know not everyone has a mother, ally and friend who understands what it’s like to go through panic attacks and mental health struggles like Shelby has had in Kelley.

So, as a mother who has dealt with mental health struggles of her own, while mothering children that deal with the same thing… she lovingly agreed to be a resource to the KP community and their loved ones. She has so much insight in all things children, family, mental illness.. and to put it simply, why we do the things we do!

Ask her a question or leave her some love below. Mama Kelly is here for you, too!

About Kelley

Kelley Tsika has worked with children her whole life. She received her bachelors degree in family science and child development and went on to work in children’s hospitals in a professional capacity as a child life specialist. She has dealt with anxiety, panic, and depression throughout her whole life. Kelley has been married for 28+ years and has 3 children.

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