The Kimberly Place is a passion project created by Shelby Marquardt. From the very beginning, she has seen God’s vision for it so clearly. Diagnosed with anxiety and panic attacks herself, Shelby wanted to create a space that provided what she wished she had found in her darkest of times. Hope for healing and a bright future. A welcoming refuge - a safe and joyful place. Connection and raw conversation with others who are struggling with exactly the same things.

We are The Kimberly Place. An uplifting space for those struggling with a variety of mental illnesses. We are prayerful that this would be a God given tool for those seeking answers. For those seeking hope, refuge and connection.



We are a place of hope. Hope for healing mental illness. Hope for recovery. Hope for YOUR healing. Hope for fighting stigmas from strangers and family members, alike. We believe that no matter what you have walked through, no amount of struggling, pain or trauma can take away this hope we have. This Hope that YOU have. There is hope for your future and there is hope for a day when you get a handle on your battle with this. You are stronger!



We are a place of refuge. A safe and joyful place for you to land. We believe that the attitude and overall confusion and indifference in our society surrounding mental illness is wrong. We want to change it. Here at The Kimberly Place, we want you to find refuge. And most of all, joy. Whether it’s from reading our social media posts, joining an online support group or bravely sharing your story… We hope you know that we love you. We see your hurt and we understand. We are with you in this fight.



We are a place of connection. Mental illness looks different for every human being. But something that seems to be a reoccurring trend is the silence behind this battle that so many people face. We tend to want to hide our pain, hide our imperfections and hide this really “weird” struggle. But, friend, we want to be the first to tell you that you aren’t alone. You aren’t the first person to feel the things you are feeling and there are so many who understand. It may feel like the most difficult thing in the whole world, but talking is the first step to healing. We want to be a connection point for you. We provide an online support group and a place for you to read stories just like yours. Sometimes having someone say “me too” is the best thing we can hear.